What happened in football in 2021?

Super League, which has lived for a couple of days. In April, 12 clubs announced their readiness to leave the UEFA competition and start their way in the tournament for the grandees – the Super League. Exactly two days later, the Super League project collapsed: Chelsea announced its exit first, followed by Manchester City – only Real, Barcelona, and Juventus held on to the last. UEFA threatened to ban the clubs that did not abandon the idea of ​​the Super League from participating in the Champions League, and to find the rest of those who got involved.
Eriksen and the people’s love for the Danish national team. At the 44th minute, one of the Danish footballers threw the ball out of touch, and at the same moment, Christian Eriksen unexpectedly collapsed onto the lawn. After 10 minutes, Eriksen was carried away on a stretcher, and the match eventually resumed. It later turned out that Dane had suffered cardiac arrest.
Return of fans to the stands. Not everywhere, but after a long time, the sectors in the leagues of different countries ceased to be empty.
Lewandowski broke Muller’s record. In 1972 Gerd Müller scored 40 goals in a season, and since then no one has been able to break this record. In 2021, Robert Lewandowski was able to – in the match with Augsburg, he sent the ball into the goal, which became 41st.

Source: bleacherreport.com